Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Thoughts & Finds from around the pole

Pole dancing toy for kids??

Not sure if this is real, chances are it is (but not sold in America right now), but how do we feel about this? A child’s toy of a pole dancer. Continue reading

The R-Pole is out (in UK)

After months of waiting, the R-Pole finally came out.

In case you didn’t know, the R-Pole was to be the next generation of stage poles. No heavy stage parts to lug around, no big stage base, just a flat circular section and a pole.

Seems like a great idea, and I was curious about the price, really curious, especially since I wanted a stage pole in the worse way. Continue reading

I got my stage pole!

I went for the X-Stage stage pole. It is the most heaviest thing ever, it comes in two large bags for the floor panels, one gigantic bag for the stage … Continue reading

Pole dancing at National Day controversy

But of course there are those who were not too happy about pole dancing being there for National Day , which bothers me. Im so glad that the powers that be over there were open enough to allow pole dancing to be displayed for all to see, and show that its not something to be ashamed of.

I swear the US would never be open minded enough to allow pole dancing to happen on the Mall on July 4th. Continue reading

Driver peddles sexy pole dance ride

The famous pole rider in NYC has made international news!  Glad to see this. Awesome…and I really want to do the pole rider experience. Oh, that thing needs to make … Continue reading

BBC interview with Felix Cane

World Champion Pole Dancer Felix Cane has been showing the ladies of Milton Keynes how to pole dance! BBC reporter Nadine Simpson went along to find out more… Continue reading

So… You want to be a Burlesque performer…?

I came across this interesting write up about getting started in burlesque…interesting since I am doing this right now, but with polesque.

So its good timing. Continue reading

Pole2Pole Magazine now online

They now have the first three issues available for online viewing, in a flip-through format. Its good to know, so I can let my subscription run out, but still check in on the magazine once in a while. Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe’s 50s-style Wonderbra for sale

Marylin Monroe’s voluptuous body was not all God-given, it has been discovered – she boosted her bust to a D cup using a heavy duty padded bra favoured by strippers and burlesque dancers.

Now one of her bras – known as a Fling – is up for auction in Britain after being unearthed after 50 years in a private US collection. Continue reading

Pantara on morning television

Here is Pantara’s blog Pantara Blacksmith. Who would have thunk? A world renowned pole dancer on morning television?! Well it happened a couple weeks ago in San Antonio.  She was … Continue reading

Gravity Plays Favorites at The Ticklish Whisker

This weekend they are playing at the Toronto Burlesque Festival. If I had a passport, I would consider going there. But all well. Nontheless, I love them and have never actually seen them perform in person. So on this weekend of them performing, I have a video. Continue reading


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