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Thoughts & Finds from around the pole

Star Wars Burlesque Show

This happened a couple of weeks ago in LA. While Im not particularly into “Star Wars” the whole show seemed pretty interesting and funny. Continue reading

How to wear nipple tassels

I can admit that I find pasties to be kind of weird. Nipples are not naturally red and glittery with a big spinny tassel at the tip, so they just … Continue reading

My USPDF weekend (Oct 2-3, 2009)

I and a fellow pole dancing friend of mine went down to Charlottesville, VA. Its about a 3 hour drive from Baltimore, so its not too bad actually. The weather couldn’t have been any more beautiful. We signed up for the 6-7:30 class taught by Sara Cretul, “Miss Trixter”. Continue reading

Marlo’s Polesuperstar Performance

Good god!! I saw this live online that night, and I realized that Marlo is totally my new pole hero! Continue reading

My USPDF weekend 2009

I will update soon. Continue reading

Catherine D’Lish worlds largest fan dance

Catherine D’Lish performs the worlds largest fan dance, with the worlds largest fans. At the 1st Annual New York Burlesque festival Continue reading

Michelle Mynx performs “99 Red Balloons”

I know this video is old, but Ive watched it many times simply because I think Michelle Mynx is fab-u-lous. How can anyone not love a Death Lay, removing a bra, red balloons, and a Jade…yes! Continue reading

Reality pole show…?

Hmm, I dont think I like this too much. Maybe its just that Im so tired of every thing out there involved with pole being turned into a competition. Continue reading

Trixie Little on the New Orleans Burlesque Festival

She wrote this cute little account on her experience at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival last weekend. Continue reading

My first show

So I had my first solo polesque performance, and in my humble opinion, it really went very smoothly.

I drove to Philly, all by my lonesome. I did not know anyone who was available to go with me, which actually caused me to be rather upset, but I knew I still had to make it through no matter what…that’s showbiz…ha! Continue reading

Pole Dancing on “Americas Got Talent”

Did you happen to notice it? It was hardly there, and I wasn’t even expecting it. The flaming guitar juggling, chainsaw juggling, pointe ballet act, Mario and Jenny, happened to have done pretty badly in their performance last night, (and by badly, I mean not as interesting as they were before) but the woman did get up on a pole for a few seconds. Continue reading


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