Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Thoughts & Finds from around the pole

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2010 – Intro Routine

I tell you what, if you want to see some drama and intensity on a stage with a bunch of poles, graceful women and strong men and dresses flowing…watch this video. Continue reading

Storyville Stomp

Burlesque and fun and tap dancing! Continue reading

Burlesque Boot Camp has started

I started taking burlesque classes.  Trixie Little Burlesque Bootcamp to be exact! This is my second go of burlesque classes, the first time was three years ago.  But this time … Continue reading

How to pick your burlesque name

Nothing is more shattering than coming to perform and having an audience member say “Oh, I thought you were that other gal!” And, honestly, you don’t need to tread the same ground; you should want to have your own, individual personality. Continue reading

Marlo and her studio

I came across this video of her at her studio in NYC and a short interview. Continue reading

Baltimore’s burlesque scene

“Their acts seem to have a witty edge and enthusiasm that is half Greta Garbo and half drinking a 40 after hours in the Charleston.” Continue reading

Pole Dancing in the Olympics?

Honestly, I am not just into pole dancing for the sport and fitness of it. But I am 100% aware that it is highly physical and athletic and I want it to be seen as such. Continue reading

Batman Burlesque

Holy pasties Batman! Continue reading


If you like it, thanks! If you think its a bit much, probably so. If you think that Im silly for having a site when Im just starting out and have really only done 3 shows…sure. But Im a web designer, sites are my thing. Continue reading

Miss Glory Pearl at Pole Divas

I just found out about Miss Glory Pearl, and I wish I could meet her! Continue reading

Renea’ Le Roux – New Orleans

Performance at the First New Orleans Burlesque Festival…Killing it!! Continue reading


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