Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Thoughts & Finds from around the pole

My weekend at ABSfest 2010 in Asheville, NC

My ABSFest performance in Asheville, NC. The longest trip I and my stage pole have taken together. Continue reading

Lula Hoop-Garou at Orange Peel, ABSFest 2010

Lula Hoop is my hoop-tease hero…and I don’t even hula hoop! Continue reading

Gravity plays Favorites at Show Me Burlesque Festival

I am so excited that I am going to FINALLY be able to see them! They shall be performing in Pittsburgh, PA which is about 3 hours drive for me. Considering they perform a lot in the far-away-land of St Louis, MO…Pitts seems very close to me! Continue reading

Dita graces Virgin Airlines plane

Virgin Airlines painted a pretty lady on a plane, in celebration of the airlines 10th anniversary of flying non-stop from Vegas to London. Continue reading

Jo Boobs book and party show

I hauled on down from Baltimore to go to the Jo Boobs book release and party show. She just wrote “Burlesque Handbook” and its ready for the world to read. Continue reading

Performance By Lucky Minx and Trudy Dare

They were the act that was on right before mine, so I spent the whole time jumping around backstage to warm up and reminding myself to smile. Needless to say I did not see them perform this during our show. Continue reading

Pole dancing on Australia’s got talent

Heres hoping they make it to the finals.

Trixie Little Burlesque Bootcamp Recital

It felt pretty amazing, the stage was filled with all of us who learned burlesque and practiced routines and sewed costumes and glued pasties for all these weeks, and I loved them all and the audience was cheering, and it was awesome! Continue reading

CNN iReport about VLV

Looks like someone for CNN was in attendance at the Viva Las Vegas weekend in early April. Continue reading

Burlesque bootcamp countdown

Aside from benefiting from the experience of Trixie Little, suggestions from the other class students have been helping me out as well. I cant image how my routine would have been if I had not gotten the input from everyone. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be half as good as I think it is now. Continue reading

My first performance at a burlesque festival

The theater was packed; they sold out the show. I walked over to my stage pole, wiped it down, put a little Dry Hands on the pole, and waited for the large men to lift the stage pole to center stage. Continue reading


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