Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Thoughts & Finds from around the pole

Opened for The Yard Dogs Road Show

(no photos of me on stage) I watched the entire show with a huge smile on my face. Their style, their sound, all the talent they have, the costumes on the dancers, and a magic guy as well, they threw confetti to the crowd, they have a chicken, fog machine, crystals on costumes… I wanna run away and join the Yard Dogs Road Show!!!! Continue reading

Burlesque Battle: Star Trek vs. Star Wars

“For decades, the debate has raged in dorm rooms, sweaty convention centers and parents’ basements: Which sci-fi franchise — Star Wars or Star Trek — rules the geek galaxy? Now … Continue reading

Mother left paralysed after pole dancing

This is really freaky to me, due to the fact that just last week I fell right on my head trying a handstand. I fell on my forehead and the … Continue reading


Originally mallakhamb was introduced as a supporting exercise for wrestlers. So many body twists and flips, wow! Continue reading

Pole dance on “Australia’s Got Talent”

Its good to see that they made it through to the semi-finals down under. Continue reading

Do I fit in anywhere?

I have come to the realization lately that I feel a bit out of place in almost everything I do. I kind of don’t feel like I’m really a part of the pole scene and I’m kind of not part of the burlesque scene. Continue reading

Interview with Trixie Little

My burlesque Mamma interviewed. I love that she mentions the “Elegance” show at Hustler club as one of her most memorable shows, and I am so glad I was there. Continue reading

I saw Gravity Plays Favorites!!!!

It was so weird to see them, in front of me…as opposed to me only seeing them perform via little videos on Facebook or YouTube. It was kind of amazing to be right there in front of them! Continue reading

Opened for Burlesque-a-pades

Much to my surprise, I got an email in early June 2010 asking if I wanted to do an intro routine for the upcoming Burlesque-a-pades tour. Continue reading

10 tips for burlesque

Here is a MSN slide show about burlesque tips Continue reading


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