Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Attending Miss Coney Island 2012

I was made aware that getting selected for Miss Coney Island was actually invitation only, no application process at all. I was also made aware that a performer does it once and then never can do it again. Whoa! So Miss Coney Island is kind of a big deal. With that knowledge, it made me want to go to the show to check it out even more. I thought about it, asked a few people, and accepted the fact that I would have to make the trip by myself. After work I hopped on a bus and headed into NYC. I dashed from the bus onto the subway and took the Q train all the way to the end of the line – Coney Island.

Luckily for me, I managed to get inside the venue and get a seat just a little bit before everyone else. Fantastic because that pretty much made the fact that I traveled up from Baltimore totally worth it. Soon after I sat, everyone quickly filed into the theater, and the energy began to rise. I was excited to see my first Miss Coney Island show. I sat in the front with a small paper ballot that had a check box next to the name of all the performers for the evening.

First, there was a lovely musical intro to the show with an adorable tropical feel plus dancing ladies. After the musical intro finished, the host introduced each performer as one by one they got up and did the “evening gown” part of the competition. This part also seemed to be where the performer let everyone know who they are and what they are about via the host. They all wore whatever they wanted, big fake boobs, sparkly dresses, coney island “isis” wings, batman…baby incubator.(What-what Hazel?) Obviously anything goes here.

After that came the Talent portion of the show. This made me wonder (aside from those I already knew) which performers were burlesque performers and which were other style/type performers. Or if they all were going to be burlesque, and if so, just what kind of burlesque would they be doing? Clearly this was not going to be a show of sequin gowns and stocking peels. There was definitely going to be variety here. Everyone definitely seemed to bring their A game. We had singing (and oh my god she CUT her pertty sequin dress off as she was singing), silks (hooray to the apparatus!), burlesque, more singing and a kazoo, even a fire staff, in addition to burlesque as well.

Once all the performances were done, we were then into the “bathing suit” portion of the show. Everyone came out in whatever they wanted to classify as “bathing suit” and stood out there as it was voting time. And looking at everyone up there, I actually was thinking hard as to who I was going to vote for. It was not an easy decision. I was amongst the last of the people to hand over my little ballot. And then it was time to tally the votes, and all the performers were still on the stage, talking, posing for pictures, while waiting for the results.

It took a while for the votes to be counted, but they quickly went up on stage and announced Miss Cherry Delight as Miss Coney Island 2013. She got a sash, a crown, a bouquet, and a fan worth $100 made of $2 bills.

And then it was over. I ate at Nathen’s hot dog down the block, took the 3:45am bus home straight into Baltimore. Got back at 7am.

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