Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Pole on “So You Think You Can Dance”

In all honesty, I quit watching this show years ago. I used to love-love-love this show, and I loved it even more when they finally allowed tap dancers into the group of finalists. That was also the season I quit when the tap dancers were amongst the first one eliminated. I was done and never saw the show again.

So I was not aware that there was a poler this season. I had seen some video postings of a planned pole routine for the show, but I didn’t know it was for real, I thought it was along the lines of “If only there was pole in the show” Then when the finale actually happened, I didn’t know there actually was the pole until the next morning after this performance.

But the day has come, and there was a stage pole on SYTYCD.

What do you think of the routine?

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