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My year in 2011

2011 proved to be a year of more  events than I could ever have anticipated.

We shall go through month by month:

I had two festivals in the horizon, and I wanted to do the same routine for both. Both applications were due around the same time, but the first  festival was in early April (Jim Thorpe, PA). I already knew what song I was going to do, and I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get the routine done. I had started working on that new routine this month, getting a couple of items to edit/sew.

Also, there actually was a murder down the street from where I live. A sign that it was almost time to move.

Field Trip:  Philadelphia, PA. Went to the Peek-a-boo Revue show, with Dr. Lucky as their guest. I love them so much, what a talented bunch of performers.

Seeing as how it was the year of the rabbit (bunny) I along with my brother went to DC to Chinatown for the Chinese New Years festivities. Seems that night I got my first ever migraine headache, assuming it was from the firecrackers people were throwing around. My brother also got a migraine that night. Not fun.

Field Trip:  NYC. I did a day trip to go trim shopping with Petra Precocious. Drive up, spend money, come home.

Joined a gym for the first time in my life in an effort to loose this extra mystery weight I had gained sometime in November. Started going to the gym about 2 or 3 times a week busting out on the elliptical in addition to pole classes.

Field Trip:  NYC.  Another trip with Petra Precocious, for both trim shopping as well as to see the Trixie and Monkey duo show “All or Nothing”. The show was so dynamic, I loved it.  I blocked out my routine and started on the long road of practicing over and over.

I got really sick a week before the Jim Thorpe festival, coughing, aching, difficulty breathing and I could hardly talk.  I still pole practiced and switched from elliptical to using the treadmill in an effort to get my ass in gear for the big show.

Field Trip:  Jim Thorpe, PA burlesque festival. I hit the road with my stage pole.  First performance of the year.  Still pretty sick, coughing a lot.  I hadn’t performed in 6 months, coincidentally the last time I hit a stage was also in Jim Thorpe back in October.  A mini-freak out happened before the Saturday night show, since it had been so long since I last performed, I felt lost and unsure about my abilities. Reluctantly I got ready for the show, applied my blue glitter and my grip aid.  I wondered if I would make it through this performance, and much to my surprise I did.  When the show was over and all of the performers went out on stage for the winner announcements, much to my surprise yet again, I place 2nd runner-up and got a lovely check.

Field Trip:  Pittsburgh, PA. Seeing as how I was doing a routine to a Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra, I went over there to see them perform live. They are my most favorite 1930′s orchestra.

Bought my X-Stage lite with my prize money from Jim Thorpe, and I love it.  So much easier to deal with.

I set up a show in Baltimore, the start of The Baltimore Birdcage Burlesque. Whipped up a new non-pole routine for this show.

Field Trip:  Philadelphia, PA.  Went up to  perform at the Poise Pole studios spring show, it was really fun, and most of all I’m glad I got to go to Geno’s steaks and sit *inside* to eat, yeah!

Field Trip:  Asheville, NC.  I hit the road with my stage pole.  My second festival of the year, AbsFest.  I actually got a speeding ticket on my way down, it was a VERY long drive with an extra 2 1/2 hours due to traffic, it was exhausting but I made it.  The Saturday night show shall go on record as the hottest a venue has ever been that I have performed at, and that is VERY dangerous for pole.  I fought so hard to control my body temp and fought to keep my sweating as under control as possible.  It was in fact too hot in there to pole,  but I couldn’t back out and amazingly I didn’t slip during the performance.  I didn’t watch much of the show, I had to stand outside to keep cool.  Spent a little time with Lola Van Ella and Sammich the Tramp while I was there,  and they are a pretty fantastic bunch of people,  I tells ya what.

Field Trip:  Dunellen, NJ.  I went up to Roxy ‘N’ Dukes to perform which was pretty great.  I loved the venue so much and afterward I spent the night and the next day hanging out with my cousin whom I hadn’t seen in years. (She lives not too far from there)

Field Trip:  Richmond, VA. Went to watch the June Richmond Varietease show,  simply because I was to be performing at the July show.

Also, a couple houses down from where I lived,  someone did a walk-by shooting at the front of the house. I knew it was time to move.

Field Trip:  Richmond, VA. I hit the road with my stage pole. Richmond Varietease.  I loved it, a great audience and I had the fortunate problem of not hearing my music due to cheering.  Turns out that was the last burlesque show at The Canal Club. Had fun hanging out a little with Deanna Danger.  I hopped on her Lyra, and those things are scary when you don’t know what to do.

I was asked by my burlesque Mamma Miss Trixie Little to perform at their big Baltimore holiday show in December! I had been planning on going to the Great Southern Burlesque festival in December,  but I scrapped plans for that festival right away seeing as how I would need a new holiday routine.

The second show of The Baltimore Birdcage Burlesque show in Baltimore.

Field Trip:  Richmond, VA. Went back down on a day-trip to take two burlesque classes, one of then taught by Jo Boobs, the other taught by Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside.  They both were good classes to take.

My husband and I looked at a house to rent because it was officially time to move out of the ghetto. We handed over our application to the agent,  and an hour later was the great east coast earthquake of 2011.  It was a sign, we didn’t get the house. I was crushed.

After a couple weeks, I saw another place on Craigslist, we both agreed on it, got it, and signed the lease.

Field Trip:  Coney Island, NY.  The last weekend in Sept.  I went up to Coney Island for the first time and performed with Brown Girls Burlesque. They were a fantastic group of women,  I felt so welcomed and really had a lot of fun at the show. Or course I went to Nathans hot dogs afterwards.  The next day was more trim shopping in the garment district with Anja Keister,  and that night I went to the Friday night show of the New York Burlesque Festival.  I was exhausted, but glad to run into performers from all over.

And oh my god, the Trixie holiday show is coming up.

Moving month.  It was horrible, I wanted it to end but the move just kept going and going: after work, leaving work early, weekends, nights, days,  I was drained.

Field Trip:  Philadelphia, PA.  I went up to perform at Poise pole studio’s fall show.  The first time I did a show, and then did the same show again the next night.  It was my mental practice for the holiday show in December, for that would be 3 shows in 2 nights.

I stopped going to the gym officially,  since I was too busy moving and also wouldn’t be living next to that gym anymore.

I turned 34. And oh my god, the Trixie holiday show is coming up.

Got an email from a recruiter who saw my website and invited me to audition for “Americas Got Talent”.   I didn’t even know they were going to be in DC the next week, but felt a little obligated to audition since I was asked.  Made a DVD since the stage pole was too much to set up.  They watched it while I stood outside the room for 5 minutes,  took me to another section of the convention center, took my information down, took a photo of me and sent me on my way.  The whole thing only took an hour.

Turned over the keys to the old place, the move was over, finally.

A few days later,  I performed with Gilded Lily’s again at Illusions Magic Bar.  I only had a week to prepare for the show, I felt horrible for that since I usually give myself more time,  but I made it through the show just fine. Had a good time just being around the other performers.  I did two new non-pole routines.  Rare.

Started jogging around Druid Park Lake as opposed to on a treadmill in a gym.  Started actually liking jogging outside.  And oh my god, the Trixie holiday show is coming up.

My busiest month of the year.

Field Trip:  NYC.  This time to guest at the Rhinestone Follies last show at the Rbar.  I felt I had to perform at this show,  because it was in a place with a ton of poles everywhere.  That bar is a little odd with the poles and the beaded curtains,  and the red lights and the padded walls,  but I was able to work the poles as best as I could.  It was a small show but I had so much fun.  After the show I walked over to Katz Deli,  yeah!  Went trim shopping (again) the next day with Üla Überbusen and that was so much fun.  I sure have gone trim shopping there a lot this year. I took the bus on this trip,  also went in the subways for the first time by myself,  and was glad to nap on the bus ride home.

The next weekend D20 Burlesque were actually in Baltimore!  They crashed at my new place,  the show was so fantastic and they are all so funny and entertaining,  it was like a breath of fresh air in Baltimore.

Now living in a bigger place,  I was able to for the first time set up and use my stage pole in my house. After having that thing for almost 2 1/2 years,  I was never able to actually practice a routine on it at my convenience. It is an amazing feeling being able to play on my own stage pole when I wanted.

And then…to top off the year was the big Trixie and Monkey Holiday Spectact-u-thon show at The Creative Alliance.  Three shows in two nights.  The performers were Julie Atlaz Muz, MisTickle, hosted my Matt Fraser, and of course Trixie and Monkey.  I was in awe of being around all these performers. Little me whose been busting her ass all year was actually at this big important show with her stage pole. I practiced so much before the show,  I was bruised all over and so sore I could hardly move.  The show was one of the best shows Ive seen, and a lot of people said it was the best Holiday show they have done.  I’m so thrilled I was actually involved.

New Years Eve, I was a little sad that 2011 was over, for it was a most awesome year.

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