Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Rhinestone Follies at Rbar

Not too sure if this is a big deal to anyone, but me going to this show was my very first time into the city without a car and all by myself. Of course it was easy to take the bus and check my email and rest while heading up, but once I got off that bus and was plopped down in NYC, I was a little confused. Which way to the subway I needed? I went in a couple wrong directions to find the street I needed to get to the correct subway station. Annoying I had to go to the next block to find the right direction. And once I got out of the subway, of course I again walked a good 15 minutes in the wrong direction.

Eventually I made it to Rbar with my big heavy bag and ready to test out the poles there. It is always a scary situation when approaching a “foreign” pole, one that I have never experienced before. When I got to them and applied my grip magic, they ended up being just fine. I was pretty excited to be able to take the bus to NYC and still be able to perform on a pole. We all got ready in the lower area at Rbar, and its pretty damn hot down there. Even though I was sweating, I liked it because I kept my muscles nice and warm. Soon enough the show started, and I was pretty excited just to be in NY. The show went perfectly well, and I love the Rhinestone follies for they are so adorable. I’d like to perform there again, if possible.

After the show, we talked for a little while, but much to my shock quite ladies few went off to perform at another show. These New yorkers really are some hard workers. I was done with my thing, and walked over to Katz Deli for a moist, delicious pastrami sandwich.

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