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Joined a gym – Update

Help me out…should someone push themselves physically, past the point of intense pain, to attain something that they are not interested in achieving?

And with this, I am talking about running.

Everyone talks about how great pole is for fitness and weight loss, but I wasn’t seeing it change me much. So to advance my fitness, Ive been doing a little bit of running a couple days a week. The more I do it, the more I hate it. It bores me physically and mentally. My brain is not activated when I’m running and I can not understand why should I make myself go for long distances when short distances make me feel like I am going crazy.

I feel I really do try hard with pole, practice a move a lot so that it doesn’t hurt anymore. I currently go through about 12 poses/goals whenever I practice to add to my list of moves for routines. The fun thing about pole and working on poses is that I am totally focused on it as I do it. I don’t think about anything else as I am practicing. Whereas running, there is not a lot for me to focus on or figure out as I’m doing it.

So, should running be a physical goal of mine since it seems so many people talk about how great it is? Well, it is not a goal of mine at all, and it never will be. Ive been giving it a chance, and its not happening.

OK, there…I hate running. Sure the stamina increase is nice, but its killing me with boredom. I have given it a legitimate shot, and I’m not feeling it at all. The more I go, the more I dislike it.

Ive been poling for a 4 years now, but I do have to admit that my stamina only increased when I started running back in March. Before I was always dangerously out of breath after a pole routine. I have not lost a single pound running (not a 1), but there is a visible physical difference from photos taken in Feb and then photos from July. So yes, running has helped, I am a bit toner now and my stamina is much, much better.

But I sure do hate it!

P.S. I am only going because I paid for the membership, when that runs out, I am not going to continue.

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