Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Roxy ‘n’ Dukes show

Getting up to Roxy ‘n’ Dukes ain’t no picnic. The NJ Turnpike doesn’t mess around and will kick you in the butt with its traffic. But eventually I was released by the traffics clutches and made it to Roxy ‘n’ Dukes.

The building from the outside is fairly usual looking, but once you go inside you are almost transported to this wonderful little venue covered with so much personality.


I am pretty sure fell in love with the place with as I was walking through the front door. I was given a little tour, and shown where the “dressing room” area is; its actually a cute set up of couches and stools and they close a large curtain for privacy. I thought it was kind of neat. I loaded in my stage pole and set it up and I knew right away that my pole was going to like it there. Its a little warm inside. They do have AC in there, but it isn’t too powerful. My chrome pole just loves that temperature :)

Soon everyone arrived: Mourna Handful, Deanna Danger and Mark Slomski, and Maria Bella with Lauren Marleaux. We all ate a little something, and got our makeup ready. Time seemed to fly by, I was genuinely enjoying being around everyone. I almost wasn’t too concerned with myself and my performances for I really felt at ease and was just having fun being there.

Somehow it quickly became time for the show to start! I took a peek at the audience and the place was packed, fantastic! We all went up there and did our thing. Deanna spun around with her hoop skirt, and Mourna fluttered her white feather fans. Mark sang a song, but I didn’t see Maria Bella perform because she was before me. Then I did my thing with my feather fans and the pole…and that was the first half! It went by so fast, and I rushed to put on my next routine outfit.


The second half began and it wizzed by with Mourna splashing her way through and then Deanna kicking and spinning more. Then Mark, and Maria Bella, and then I did my thing on the pole…and we were done! I was actually a little sad that it was over, it seemed to go by so quickly.

I got help taking down my stage pole, and stuck around at Roxy ‘n’ Dukes having a couple drinks and talking, and then before I knew it, last call and it was time for me to get out of there, grabbed a quick flatbread at Dunkin’ Doughnuts and headed out.

The show was great, the audience was great (once they kind of warmed up).
The venue is pretty fantastic and feels just perfect for me, personally. I want to perform there again so much!

I wish I lived closer to Roxy ‘n’ Dukes.

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