Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Interview with Kita St Cyr

What was it like attending the New York School of Burlesque?

Kita St. Cyr:
Amazing! I took a character development class, which is probably not the right one to start off with. It’s a four week-long class taught by Dr. Lucky, who’s also a professor at NYU. It really helps you explore your burlesque character, which is fun, but you also need movement on stage. While I was really committed to my character, I also didn’t know how to peel off my stocking (laughs). I went about it right way and took an essentials of burlesque class. It made me want to pursue burlesque even more. I started The Rhinestone Follies after that. Now we’re starting to teach a rhinestone design class!



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