Polesque GirlSticking her pole in a burlesque show

Thoughts & Finds from around the pole

Attending Miss Coney Island 2012

I was made aware that getting selected for Miss Coney Island was actually invitation only, no application process at all. I was also made aware that a performer does it … Continue reading

Pole on “So You Think You Can Dance”

In all honesty, I quit watching this show years ago. I used to love-love-love this show, and I loved it even more when they finally allowed tap dancers into the … Continue reading


I applied to the Show-Me Burlesque Festival in St. Louis, and I stood a good chance of NOT getting in. Of course it had occurred to me before that I might not be accepted, but the feeling did not hit me until I saw my friends get rejected from another show. Continue reading

Still wondering where do I fit in

You have to stand out as a performer, be a little different than the others. Be memorable. But make sure you conform, be classic, and stick to the standards…wha? Continue reading

Feeling lost again

So there’s that saying “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”. I’m wondering if that’s kind of the situation I’m in right now in relation to performing. Only the moss is symbolic for a depression-type-fog that’s been covering me lately. Continue reading

My year in 2011

This proved to be more of a year of events than I could ever have anticipated.

We shall go through month by month: Continue reading

Rhinestone Follies at Rbar

Not too sure if this is a big deal to anyone, but me going to this show was my very first time into the city without a car and all … Continue reading

Coney Island BGB show

I was asked to perform at this Brown Girls Burlesque show a few months ago, and I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to make the drive and take time off work and all that for a Thursday night show. Seemed like too much work, but I decided to go do it for the experience. Also, being in NYC the weekend of NYBF isn’t such a horrible place to be :) Continue reading

Joined a gym – Update

Help me out…should someone push themselves physically, past the point of intense pain, to attain something that they are not interested in achieving?
Continue reading

Richmond burlesque class day-trip

Recently I did a bit of a day-trip down to Richmond VA for a couple of classes.

One was taught by Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside and the second class was taught by Miss Jo “Boobs” Weldon. Continue reading


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